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    Ameur Baccoucha
    MCS & DevCS
    Topic posted November 27, 2018 by Ameur BaccouchaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged API, OMCE 
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    MCS & DevCS
    integration between the to platform

    hi everyone 
    i am asking if there is a way to deploy a costum api nodejs code from DevCS automatic ?
    is that possible or we cant do that with MCS ?
    Hi everybody
    I'm asking if there is a way to deploy a costum api nodejs code from DevCS  into MCS?
    is it possible or can not do it with MCS?



    • Frank Nimphius

      checked 18.3.3 of Mobile Cloud and don't see DevCS support in. Don't know what version it was we used at OOW, because I remember having seen it in there. So for now my answer to your question would be no. 


      • Ameur Baccoucha

        ok thanks frank
        Please, if there is information about a version that works with DevCS or an upcoming update that could support DevCS, let me know.