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    Mahesh Beeravelli
    Accessing ORDS Rest API in VBCS with Internal Certificate
    Topic posted June 19, 2018 by Mahesh Beeravelli, tagged REST, Services 
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    Accessing ORDS Rest API in VBCS with Internal Certificate



    We are trying to create a rest api in ords and want to consume same in VBCS application through Service Connection > Define by EndPoint.


    Below is the rest API URL


    and we are getting the below error in VBCS while doing test on the connection.  We imported root cert in ICS instance as this VBCS is came along with ICS instance.



        "type": "abcs://proxy_auth_problem/ssl/handshake",

        "title": "SSL Error",

        "detail": "A problem was reported making a SSL connection because of 'General SSLEngine problem'",

        "status": 502




    Someone please help me with the above error.  Is there anyway we can add trusted certificates in VBCS.



    Mahesh B




    • Shay Shmeltzer

      It looks like you don't have a valid SSL certificate on the hosting platform. (try accessing the URL you used from a browser and you'll see that).

      VBCS needs a secure SSL connection to your service - so you need to install a valid SSL certificate there.