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    Manash Chowdhury
    Retrieve SOA-MDS password
    Topic posted August 28, 2018 by Manash ChowdhuryRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Database, Integration, PaaS, SOACS 
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    Retrieve SOA-MDS password
    How to retrieve the SOA-MDS password and configure the db based MDS connection from jdeveloper

    We created a SOA instance and corresponding database instance too. All components were successfully created (db, managed server, WLS etc.). However now during our development we want to configure the db based SOA-MDS in our jdeveloper. We are able to connect to the database using the SSH and "SYSTEM" username. However this connection fails to retrieve the partition details. When checked in weblogic console, the soa-mds connection user seems to be "SP1533128107_MDS". This user I guess was internally created. How do I get the password for this? Is there any option to change the password from the weblogic console? Please assist.



    • Manash Chowdhury

      For information: The jdbc.xml file should contain the password for all schemas in an encrypted format which can be decrypted thorugh some wlst scripts. However, we could not locate the jdbc.xml file in the server (may be Oracle maintains that internally, unlike the On-Premise setting).

      So for now, we have changed the password from the db instance for the desired schema and gone forward.