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    aqil shaik
    Do we have Alternate BOM / BOR in Planning Central or S&OP...
    Topic posted September 9, 2019 by aqil shaikGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged How-to, Integrated Business Planning, Planning Central Cloud, Tip 
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    Do we have Alternate BOM / BOR in Planning Central or S&OP Work areas
    Alternate BOR / BOM



    Some basic questions. 

    1) FDBI Templates for BOM.  Looks like we do not have a BOM in Cloud. I could not find FDBI templates and we only have BOR FBDI templates. So we do not have BOM in Cloud..Is BOR the way to capture the components.

    2) We have requirement to forecast three Data streams for any Assmebly

    a) Regular Sales Business - We can use Shipment History/Booking History FG1. We can setup a BOM/ BOR to procure the manufacturing BOM. I get this.

    b) Rental Services Business- Rental business  is tricky case of (Regular Sales Business ) Shipments as the same Assembly FG1  can we rented for multiple times. May be we can separate the two business using say Demand Class or different Orgs.

    c) Spares business- The assembly FG1 can repaired and it needs different repair materials as its repair BOM. Can somebody advice me how to model a repair BOM vs manufacturing BOM in same Org.

    Can someone advice how to model the BOM/BOR?

    I am assuming there is no BOM in Cloud Supplying Planning. Can someone correct my understanding.

    Thanks for your inputs.