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    Dragos Vilcu
    question on ODI from marketplace
    Topic posted July 25, 2019 by Dragos VilcuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Data Replication, Data Transformation, ODI 
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    question on ODI from marketplace
    multiple agents possible ?

    as I understand ODI from marketplace comes with its own embedded repository (which is not Oracle database, but mysql).

    in such a case  is it possible to install multiple agents in various other compute instances, but using the same repository ? if yes, how exactly ?

    thank you



    • Jayant Mahto

      If multiple agents (in different compute instances) are required configuration then it can be done manually. However, I am assuming that multiple compute instances are being configured for HA kind of need and in that case the repository should also be in HA setup. In that case an external repository DB can be setup manually (and embedded MySQL repository should be ignored).