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    Rain Tsui
    How to enable requested delivery date validation against...
    Topic posted March 28, 2019 by Rain TsuiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Agreements, Approvals, How-To, Orders 
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    How to enable requested delivery date validation against agreement's effective dates

    Business Case

    You want to enforce the agreement's start/end dates for any purchases made against those agreements.


    You can use the profile option "PO_REQUESTED_DELIVERY_DATE_VALIDATION" to validate that the requested delivery date is within the source agreement's effective dates. This applies to both contract purchase agreements (CPA) and blanket purchase agreements (BPA).

    With this option enabled, you can prevent submission of POs whose requested delivery date falls outside the agreement's start and end date. 


    You have created the  following agreements for the same supplier, item, and UOM:

    Agreement Number
    Start Date
    End Date
    123 01-JAN-2019 30-JUN-2019
    456 01-JUL-2019 31-DEC-2019

    A PO with requested delivery date of 01-AUG-2019 will fail submission validation if agreement 123 is referenced, regardless of the profile option setting.

    A PO with requested delivery date of 01-MAY-2019 will fail submission validation if agreement  456 is referenced and the profile option is enabled, but will pass submission validation if the option is disabled. 

    How to set up

    You can go to Manage Purchasing Profile Options and search by PO_REQUESTED_DELIVERY_DATE_VALIDATION.





    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Cool, thanks!

    • Chaitanya Vallapuneni

      Hi Ashok,

      How to enforce the agreement's expiration date for any purchases made against those agreements.

      PO Requested Delivery date = BPA  Expiration date

      bpa is being picked on requisition when the requested delivery date is equal to expiration date of bpa

    • CY Tsui

      Hi Rain,

      Can we use the same validation function in the requisition?  We're using auto PO, if the wrong BPA is selected in the requisition then the PO will be wrong too.

    • Rain Tsui

      Req does not check this validation but when creating into a PO, the logic will take care of it.