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    Pick Release without reservation
    Topic posted January 15, 2019 by VJRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 15, 2019, tagged Internal Material Transfer, Inventory Cloud, SCM, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Pick Release without reservation
    Pick release without any underlying reservation

    For our client,the Transfer orders are pick released and the shipments information are interfaced from Oracle ERP to Logfire (Oracle WMS);  Oracle ERP reserves the available quantity at Pick release (against say, STOCK subinventory) while the users are performing inventory transaction (eg: subinventory Xfers) in logfire from STOCK to REPAIR; 

    When the information is being interfaced to Oracle ERP, the subinventory Xfer fails with the error message as "Negative on hand not allowed";  i.e., the onhand quantity is reserved against the Transfer order and hence system is not allowing the subinventory Xfer;

    In essence, I would like to know if the Shipments can be created without reserving items in Oracle ERP.



    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Vijay,


      Based on my understanding, I dont think we can actually create a pick release superficially (without a reservation I mean).

      Having said this, for your specific issue I think we should resort to SOP (standard operating procedures) considering there are 2 applications to account for.

      If ever there are sub-inventory transfers taking place as independent transaction then the warehouse team should check if there are any open picks coming from upstream system and then send a cancellation request for the picks ,if the required items are not in working condition anh hence you wish to move them from one sub-inventory to another.  Would like to know your thoughts on this



    • Lynn Warneka

      From an Oracle development perspective, we'd recommend using the product integration approach that we've introduced and have done training on.   It doesn't as an example, include doing Pick Release in Inventory Management Cloud or subinventory transfers for Transfer Orders.  

      We have done release training and other material on this integration which should be on the Support site.  In addition, we did a Customer Connect session in December 2018 at the following link:

    • VJ

      Thanks Lynn for your comments;  The document doesn't state much about the Reservations and the impact;  We are sending the shipment information from Oracle ERP to Logfire;  But again, the subinventory movement from WMS fails with "Negative on hand quantity not allowed"; 

      Note:  We have more transfer orders vying for limited on-hand quantity.

    • Lynn Warneka

      Using the standard recommended approach, you would run Generate Shipment Request to transmit the data to WMS.  It would do a high level reservation prior to submission.  I can't comment on your subinventory transfer from WMS as that wouldn't happen in our recommended approach.  You can log an SR with all the details.  

      • VJ

        Thanks Lynn;  We are exploring this option as an alternative for Pick Release;  Appreciate your help!