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    Jens Lundell
    Dynamic Agent Desktop Cookbook
    Topic posted September 1, 2017 by Jens LundellBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, last edited August 2, 2019 
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    Dynamic Agent Desktop Cookbook


    Welcome to the Dynamic Agent Desktop Cookbook! Many of you are already familiar with the Analytics Cookbook, which we launched last year. We are now very excited to also launch a cookbook for the Dynamic Agent Desktop set of tools - Workspaces, Workspace Rules, Guided Assistance, Agent Scripting, and Desktop Workflow.

    In the Analytics Cookbook each recipe results in a ready-to-use report or dashboard. In this cookbook we may not always produce an item that you can use directly on your site. Instead, the recipes will primarily consist of videos where we show the Dynamic Agent Desktop tools in action. We will show a combination of instructional material, tips, tricks, hacks – all aimed at helping you master these tools to use their full potential.

    Each Dynamic Agent Desktop recipe include:

    • Difficulty Rating (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced). Most recipes require some familiarity with the tools, see the ingredient list for links to documentation if you need to learn the concepts discussed.
    • Target persona, describing who would use this recipe
    • List of ingredients, aka list of Dynamic Agent Desktop features used, with applicable documentation links for those features
    • High level textual description of the recipe
    • A video showing the chef (author) “cooking” the recipe using the Dynamic Agent Desktop.
    • Attachments, such as workspace export files, you can use a starting point for your own designs, or just to play around with on your own, to make sure you have fully understood the concepts explained in the videos.

    As with all YouTube videos, it is very handy to know these keyboard shortcuts:

    Space - Pause/Play the video
    Left Arrow - Go back 5 seconds
    Right Arrow - Go forward 5 seconds
    Shift + . (period) - Increase speed
    Shift + , (comma) - Decrease speed

    To begin with all recipes will be produced by Oracle Service Cloud, but in the future we hope to allow partners and customers to contribute as well.

    Recipe List

    Dynamic Agent Desktop recipe Description Chef (Author) Level

    Creating a Workspace with fields to the left

    Learn about various Workspace Designer techniques for adding and moving controls, and for creating a layout where fields are placed to the left, instead of on top.

    Jens Lundell

    Beginner Beginner

    Workspace Validation

    Learn different ways to validate data entered on a workspace.

    Jens Lundell

    Intermediate Intermediate

    Script Exit & Finish buttons

    Learn about how the Beginning, Previous, Next, Exit, and Finish buttons work in Agent Scripting.

    Jens Lundell

    Intermediate Intermediate

    Managing Complex Workflows

    Learn various techniques for managing and cleaning up complex workflows.

    Jens Lundell

    Intermediate Intermediate

    Mapping Tables and Workflow

    Learn how to create a mapping table and how to use it in Workspaces and Workflows.

    Jens Lundell

    Advanced Advanced

    The Fine Print:

    • Dynamic Agent Desktop Cookbook recipes are donated resources. It is not the intent to have these resources supported by the recipe creator, Oracle Technical Support and/or Oracle Product Management. These are “use-at-your-own-risk” resources that should be validated and reviewed for accuracy.
    • Dynamic Agent Desktop Cookbook recipe posts will be locked for comments. If you have a question about a recipe, start a new discussion post that contains your question and a link to the relevant recipe.

    Bon Appetit!


    Jens Lundell
    Sr. Development Director, Dynamic Agent Desktop

    Oracle Service Cloud