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    sriram iyer
    Wallet file for ATP contains ADW databases too
    Topic posted January 15, 2019 by sriram iyerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Transaction Processing 
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    Wallet file for ATP contains ADW databases too
    The TNSNAMES.ORA file in the Wallet for ATP contains entries for my ADW databases too

    I have a trial cloud account where I have created one ATP and 2 ADW warehouses. When I download the wallet file for my ATP database, I see that the TNSNAMES.ORA file contains information about my ADW databases too.

    I only had on ADW and there was one ADW listed in the TNSNAMES.ORA. Just to test if there was an issue, I created another ADW and downloaded the Wallet file again and there are now 2 ADW connections.

    Is the normal?

    I have attached 2 versions of my ATP wallet file, one where I only had a single ADW and another one where I had 2.


    Sriram Iyer



    • sriram iyer

      This question was answered by Robert in relation to another post. The Wallet file will contain connection information for all Autonomous databases in the Identity Domain.


    • Kris Bhanushali

      Hi Sriram, 

      I'd suggest you delete the wallet files from your post for security reasons.