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    Jayandan Rajaram
    Can we fetch value from OSC to OPA For unrelated Contact...
    Topic posted February 13, 2018 by Jayandan RajaramRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Can we fetch value from OSC to OPA For unrelated Contact Object fields?

    We have to map 1:1 relationship mapping between OPA Attributes and OSC Fields.So my question here is even if we map the 1:1 field mapping between OSC and OPA can we fetch the unrelated Contact Custom Object fields(data) into OPA interview page ?

    PFA  below where Model Field is Unknown as the Mapped in field of Model Object is not having relationship with Contact Object in OSC.
    OSC Object association example: 
    Contact Object is a parent for vehicle Object so we can fetch field value from OSC Field to OPA Attribute 
    But when i fetch the value from Model object (not associated with Contact Object) i could not fetch/get the value from model fields even we mapped with OPA .




    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Jayandan,

      How are the Model object fields in OSC mapped to OPA?



    • Jayandan Rajaram

      Hi Anuj,

                   Model is the Child of Vehicle Custom object in OSC and in OPA Model is separate entity holding its attributes. Please find screenshot for your reference as  how   we are doing Mapping settings and how we are doing input and output mapping and i clearly explained in screenshot.

      Note : Model Attribute is an Input mapping in OPA from OSC Model Custom Object.

      808151-1.PNG (118KB)
    • Jayandan Rajaram

      Hi  guys,

                    Help on this implementation if you are aware on this scenario

      Is it possible to read or write attributes from OPA using API. Here the Scenario is we are having an Entity holding more than one instance of an attribute where we need to retrieve all the data(all instances of that attribute) from OPA using API .PFA for the explanation of scenario where an attribute holding 3 instances,can we retrieve the data of all three instances from OPA USING API??