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    mikewaldron Gets Downloaded in 18AAnswered
    Topic posted December 6, 2018 by mikewaldron Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Title: Gets Downloaded in 18A
    Summary: Gets Downloaded in 18A

    CefSharp is, in layman's terms, Google's Chrome browser that can be embedded in .NET apps. I've played with it a bit. I have one customer I'm working with whose Oracle Service Cloud 18A site downloads whenever the console is initially installed and launched. There are a lot of add-ins on the site, but CefSharp gets downloaded even when I'm using a profile that has no add-in permissions at all, so my guess is it's the core product doing this. I have a few questions here:

    1. Is CefSharp really bundled with OSvC 18A+ like it appears?
    2. If so, does that mean browser controls in workspaces are effectively Chrome?
    3. Can this feature be turned off - skipping the download altogether - for a low-bandwidth call center looking to reduce their agents' console startup times?

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    Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi Mike

    Versions 18A or above of OSvC use the CefSharp browser control for WinForms and WPF apps in answer creation and editing.
    See: "Answer" workspace not working after update to 18A or above

    To answer your questions:

    1. Yes, this is not related to any add-ins but it is bundled and used for certain components within the application
    2. No, it is mainly used for answer related content. The Browser Control is not a full feature browser. It is a .NET Browser Control.
    3. Yes, it can be blocked butthis will affect your answer workspace. It is therefore adviced to include it. I do not believe it will increase startup times (only increase installation time)

    See this link for more details about the browser control: Why am I unable to select a date for a date field within a browser control?