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    Cyrille Cailloux
    audit actions on ATP
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by Cyrille Cailloux, tagged Security, Transaction Processing 
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    audit actions on ATP


    is there a way to see what actions has been done on a database like restore, stop, start etc? I did a restore today and I can't find anywhere a log telling me that the database has been restored, at what date, how much time it took, who did it etc.

    thank you




    • Robert Greene

      Yes, it is possible.  In the main cloud console, open the hamburger menu and go to the menu item Governance>>Audit ... and select a date range.

    • Cyrille Cailloux

      Thank you. i could find it.

      It is not really user friendly, maybe a link on the database page would be more helpful. Some informations are still missing like the time taken to the restore the database.