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    Dana Abramov
    PO error -Approval Task for Document (Purchase...
    Topic posted June 12, 2018 by Dana AbramovRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification 
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    PO error -Approval Task for Document (Purchase Order) 11594 (Requisition 2563) Has an Error
    Approval Task for Document (Purchase Order) 11594 (Requisition 2563) Has an Error

    does anybody knows this error ?

    Buyer recive dthis notication   adn its not able to approve the purchase order 


    An error occurred in your request for approval. Contact your help desk. (PO-2055548) Details: Your help desk can use the following information to obtain a more detailed description of this incident: Incident ID: 23, Server Domain: ProcurementDomain, Server Instance: soa_serverHA, Application Name: PrcPoApprovalComposite, Additional Information: oracle.bpel.services.workflow.task.impl.RoutingSlipEvaluationException: oracle.bpel.services.workflow.task.impl.RoutingSlipEvaluationException: oracle.bpel.services.workflow.task.impl.RoutingSlipEvaluationException: ORABPEL-30082 WorkflowServiceEngine request to another component failed. Request operation CallFunctionStateless from default/PrcPoApprovalComposite!6125358_27455186/DocumentApproval to DocumentApprovalRules failed with Business Fault: null. Check the underlying fault. Check target SOA component for cause. 



    • MANISH S

      Hi Dana,

      Are you using any User-Defined Attributes in the approval rule conditions?


    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Dana,

      Please open an SR so that support/development can more effectively help.


    • Dev Thota

      Hi Dana,

      Please check your purchasing approval rules once.

      I think Requisition to PO processing rule is missing.



      Dev Thota.