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    Display name instead of ID on main-start page
    Topic posted November 1, 2019 by vijay.kekane Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Business Objects, JET, REST, UI 
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    Display name instead of ID on main-start page
    Display name instead of ID

    Hi There,

    I have application with 3 pages, Main-Start, Main-Create, Main-Edit. Main-start is first page displayed when application is run. Data is created/saved using create page. Field "ledger" is shown on both pages. We use LOV for it, which show name but, store ID in VBCS BO.

    When application run it shows list of rows in main page (image of start-main is attached) using VBCS BO, We want to display name of ledger instead of ID.

    I am not sure which page level event will allow me to scan through each record to find name based on ID (using REST) and display name on Main-Start page.







    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Assuming that the two objects are related - the BO in the table has a reference field pointing to the BO that has the code and translation, then when you drop a table on the page you can add the description when you select the fields. It will appear under the related object like this: