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    Mohamed Abdelwahab
    How To Search Items in Purchase Order Line By GTIN Or...
    Topic posted April 17, 2018 by Mohamed AbdelwahabBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged How-To, Orders 
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    How To Search Items in Purchase Order Line By GTIN Or Supplier Item Number
    How To Search Items in Purchase Order Line By GTIN Or Supplier Item Number


    i have defined supplier item relationship with item code in master item but when created Purchase Order the supplier item did not appear.






    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Mohamed,

      Currently, trading partner item/GTIN are not copy over from the item master to the purchase order. If needed, you can create a BI Publisher datamodel/report to retrieve this information from the PIM tables.

      Alternatively, you can create a blanket purchase agreement for the supplier and enter the supplier item on the BPA line. In this case, the supplier item will be copied onto POs sourced to that agreement line.



    • Amarender Sudini

      Dear All,

      Item cross reference search and add in self service procurement, sourcing and in PO is required.

      Suppose , Items are created with code 123 in Inventory item master. and there are several projects which are using this item.

      For simplification and adding the items related to project by respective department, Item code is prefixed with Project number for example ABC-123 as cross reference for ABC project and XYZ-123 for XYZ project.

      Now when user tries to find the item with ABC-123 in self service procurement or in Sourcing or in Purchasing, it is not coming in LOV. But it should come as it is a cross reference item.

      BI publisher is only for reporting, but this doesn't help users in creating the transactions and user cannot run report and see the result and add the items which is cumbersome process for them.

      So requesting you to please include this feature in next release of oracle Cloud  upgrade.

      Otherwise the purpose of cross reference functionality is lost. This is available in R12 , am not sure why it is not included initially in cloud.