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    Ravi Shankar
    Forecast generation automation from resource assignment
    Topic posted September 19, 2018 by Ravi Shankar 
    Forecast generation automation from resource assignment
    Automatically generate ETC from project or task level resource assignment effort based on actual effort and original EAC

    I understand that resource management currently supports only project level resource assignments and not task level. In EBS, we can automatically generate forecast plans from either workplan or resource management efforts. Based on this, the system generated a forecast version considering the original effort (EAC) and the actual effort to generate the default ETC (Plan less actuals). We could edit or modify this to revise the forecast and baseline them.

    It seems such features aren't yet supported in Cloud. How do we generate the budget and forecast on this basis automatically, more so if the effort defaulting is only at the project and not task level?

    We are considering implementing Project Execution Management in the cloud (Project, Task, and Resource Management) and leverage native integration with EBS Projects on premise for project, task and resource assignment creation, and sending actual hours back to Resource Mgt. As part of this, we need automation in place for creating and budget and forecast based on planned and remaining effort at the project, task level for the resources.

    EBS R 12.1.3 in production; Cloud current version being planned to be implemented