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    Stephanie Gott
    ADF Contextual Event with prompted report
    Topic posted August 24, 2018 by Stephanie GottSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Dashboard, Infolets, Reporting and Analytics 
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    ADF Contextual Event with prompted report
    My ADF Contextual Event takes me back to main screen instead of back to Details report


    Does anybody have experience using the ADF Contextual Event in an embedded report? I have an ADF Contextual Event set up on a report and it works well. is my problem. I have a dashboard that the user can enter prompts for. When they have the desired prompts applied, they can click a link to a "Details" report (set up as an interaction to "Navigate to BI Content"). Once they are on the details report, they can click on the Service Request Name which is the ADF contextual event that takes them to the actual Service Request in the UI. When they are done viewing the Service Request, they cancel out but it does not take them back to the details report. It takes them back to the main dashboard and the prompts have all been reset to default. See attached screen shots.

    How do we set it up so that when they cancel out of the Service Request, it takes them back to the details report instead of the main dashboard?