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    Did you know: Concurrent Process View now displays User...
    Topic posted February 23, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited February 23, 2019, tagged How-To, Tip 
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    Did you know: Concurrent Process View now displays User Provided Parameter Values
    Did you know: Update 19A allows users to view the parameter values they provided when submitting a new Concurrent Process

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    This is not a feature specific to Self Service Procurement. But I thought it useful to share just in case you may not have previously noticed. I personally find it a very useful feature when I am reviewing concurrent processes that I have submitted that I then have to go back to for some additional research. A very simple feature but to me worthy of notice.

    What is the change:

    Prior to Update 19A, if I submitted a concurrent process, if I needed to view the parameters that I had submitted, it would display as shown in Image A below. You will find the internal IDs displayed as parameter values.

    Update 19A changed this display. Now, users can see the actual values they entered or selected (the user-friendly version) for the Parameters they used in submitting a concurrent process


    We think it greatly helps ease the review a concurrent process (particularly one that is complex and contains multiple parameters). You can now relate to the results of the process based on the parameters you actually entered.

    Note: To view this change, you will need to be in Tools > Scheduled Processes. This is the page in which these changes are reflected.

    It is a relatively inconspicuous change, but quite effective, wouldn't you say?

    Image A: Display of the Parameters region before Update 19A