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    Sivaraj Shanmugham
    Update Preparer and Requester
    Topic posted October 26, 2018 by Sivaraj ShanmughamBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Orders 
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    Update Preparer and Requester
    Can we run this process to update only Open PO and PR transactions?

    As one of the Requesters left the company, we are trying to reassign all open POs to another employee. 

    Submitted "Update preparer and requester" job from Scheduled processes. The result is that all POs and PRs show "reassigned" employee as the new requester. Is there an option to limit this change to open POs ?

    Thanks,  Siva




    • chetan kumar

      Hi Shanmugham,

      Fusion doesn't has option to change preparer and requester for only open PO's. below is the condition.

      From the Update Preparer and Requester page, you can:

      • Replace a preparer if the requisition contains at least one line that is pending approval.

      • Replace a requester if the following conditions are met:

        • Requisition line is pending approval.

        • Approved requisition line that is not associated with a purchase or transfer order.

        • Approved requisition line that is associated with a Purchase Order line schedule with status not finally closed, or canceled.

        • Purchase Order Distribution line with schedule status not finally closed, or canceled.

        • Purchase Order Distribution line that is a part of a change order with status not canceled or processed.


    • Farooq Haider Syed, PMP

      Hi Cheta,

      Do we need to schedule this report on daily basis until the replacement is required?