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    Shyam Lakshman
    Notice of feature replacements in Product Hub Cloud
    Topic posted November 6, 2018 by Shyam LakshmanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Product Commercialization, Product Hub 
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    Notice of feature replacements in Product Hub Cloud
    Some existing features in Product Hub will be replaced with alternative features in Update 19A

    The purpose of this article is to provide advance notice of proposed feature replacements in Update 19A of Product Hub Cloud.

    1. The Edit in Spreadsheet action in the Manage Catalogs tasks will be replaced with the File Based Data Import (FBDI) spreadsheet for catalogs.  Edit in Spreadsheet used a ADF Desktop Integration enabled workbook.  In addition to supporting all the objects supported by Edit in Spreadsheet, FBDI supports loading of attachments and descriptive flexfields.  It also offers much better performance and scalability when loading large catalogs.  FBDI support for Catalogs was introduced in Update 18C and is documented in more detail at

    2. The Publish Catalog action in the Manage Catalog task will be removed. For Catalog reporting needs, there are several subject areas available in the Reports and Analytics work area using which similar reports can be authored.  Additionally, the subject areas offer a much more expanded set of attributes on which the reports can be built.

    3. The Upload from Spreadsheet action under the Add Items to Batch option in the Manage Item Batches task will be removed.  The existing Upload from file action can be used to add items to a Batch.  The Upload from Spreadsheet action used a ADF Desktop Integration enabled Spreadsheet in a fixed format and required setting up Import Formats.  The Upload from File option uses Import Maps and is much more flexible in terms of the format.  Additionally, all the features of Import Maps are available to transform data when adding items to a Batch.  Several enhancements were made to Import Maps in Update 18B which are available at





    • Claude Lamotte

      Hi Shyam. No  possibility exists now to export into xls data from Purchasing Functional Area Catalog.  Which subject area will allow me to only extract active purchase categories. You said many options exist. One will be enough. Can you share it ? Note thate we are only using purchase categories for ordering via P2P (requisitions, PO). We are not using any SCM module. Best, Claude

    • Steven Cascio

      The purchasing functional area catalog content can be exported from the Setup and Maintenance application as either XML or CSV format. The task to use is Manage Functional area Catalogs. This task does not allow filtering of the catalogs that exported, but the purchasing catalog will be in the export file.

      Another option is use a report written in OTBI, the report can be customized in multiple formats. The OTBI framework was used in the Publish Catalogs action in the previous releases.

    • Claude Lamotte

      The option to export still exists for the mapping set but not for the catalog itself. We have only one catalog by the wai. Would be happy that you detail how this single catalog can be exported by providing the actions to be excecuted in 19 A from the functional area. Which subject area is to be selected for OTBi? 

    • Steven Cascio

      The export from Setup and Maintenance export a file for the catalog definition, file for the category definitions and the ValidCategory file gives the mapping of the categories for each catalog.

      The OTBI can be accessed through the Item Work Area panel drawer Reports and Analytic tab. Use the Product Management: Structure Real Time subject area to build the report.

      On the programming side : We provide a public VO that we provide to extract the catalogs, and categories. Also  catalog soap service also provides the ability to get catalog information.

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      I am looking for option to insert single category to a catalog using the Manage Functional catalog UI page. Is that possible?

      In previous version it was possible to insert new category under a catalog. if so do we need any additional privilege for inserting thru front end?

    • Claude Lamotte

      Hi Ramesh, just select your catalog and click on the + you will be then able to enter a new catagory for that catalog. Do not try to enter a new category by having your cursor placed at category level. Your cursor should be placed at catalog level and then for this catalog you will be able to enter a new category. Still unable on my side to extract the list of categories, for this we had to create an OTBI report ! Why xls export did disappear ? It is just so wrong to have removed this functionality.

      • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

        Hi Claude,

        Thanks for the details. I tried that option and it worked. I am also not able to run the OTBI report to pull the data for catalogs. I tried via setup and maintenance to export and the program went to error. No luck so far. This is a big mess now oracle has complicated by removing the ADFI excel update. I am not happy with this and I am sure more customers will feel the same pain. If Oracle can restore the functionality for ADFI that will be great.

    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Logged in idea lab for restoring ADFI option

      Idea number: 5DBA8F79E8

      Please review and up vote for this idea if its required for your business or clients with justification