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    Katrine Haugerud
    Announcing Concurrent Patching
    Announcement posted April 23, 2014 by Katrine HaugerudGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited April 23, 2014, tagged Engagement Cloud, Financials, HCM, Patch, PPM, Procurement, SCM 
    Announcing Concurrent Patching

    Concurrent patching is now available for ongoing implementations.


    What Are We Announcing?
    All Fusion Cloud Customers have the option to take advantage of the Cloud Concurrent Patching option. If you need to keep your PRODUCTION environment in synch with your TEST environment during implementation, you can request that your PRODUCTION environment be automatically patched along with your TEST environment for all patch bundles.

    How Do I Know if I Should Opt-in to this New Concurrent Patching Option?
    Typically customers who are in the process of implementation, and not yet live in production, will find this feature desirable. There are several benefits of keeping your PRODUCTION environment in synch with your TEST environment during implementation phases:

    1. Automatic inclusion of PRODUCTION in monthly patch bundles on the 1st weekend of the month

    2. Automatic inclusion of PRODUCTION in weekly patch bundles (when weekly patching is requested on TEST)

    3. No additional time required to propagate the critical fixes to PRODUCTION

    4. PRODUCTION at same patch level as TEST for setup and loading of data into PRODUCTION

    5. TEST and PRODUCTION at the same patch level to perform a Production to Test (P2T) Content Migration. Typically customers will use their TEST environment for their conference room pilot and may elect to perform a P2T to clear out the CRP test data and setups.

    6. After the setups are performed and validated in TEST, they will be moved to PRODUCTION and Oracle recommends that your environments be at the same patch level for this activity.

    7. The concurrent patching of PRODUCTION with your TEST environment will help you to proactively avoid issues that may occur during these key implementation activities that might result in your environments being at different patch levels.

    8. Concurrent Patching will occur for a set period of time with start and end dates so you can request the change and you do not need to notify Oracle again to stop the Concurrent Patching. Once the end date is reached, the environments will return to the standard patching schedule with PRODUCTION monthly patching occurring two weeks after the monthly patching of your TEST environment.

    What if I Don’t Want to Take Advantage of this Patching Option?
    There is no action required to keep your environments on the standard patching schedules. The standard patching schedule is monthly on the first weekend for Test environments and on the third weekend for Production environments.

    How Do I Request a Change?
    If you wish to opt-in for this Concurrent Patching option, you will need to log a Service Request via My Oracle Support. This must be requested at least 10 days prior to the scheduled patch bundle application. Please follow the instructions in My Oracle Support Note 1646394.1.


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