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    Triveni Reddy
    Ability to update Requisitions by a group/team
    Topic posted August 23, 2019 by Triveni ReddyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Processing 
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    Ability to update Requisitions by a group/team
    Ability to update Requisitions by a group/team


    Our users are looking for functionality where a group or team needs to have access to each other’s requisitions. When a user creates requisitions, we need the ability for anyone on their team to make updates to those requisitions. This includes adding additional lines, removing lines, updating pricing, updating ship to location, or making any updates the original preparer could make including cancellation of the requisition. updating the requestor/ preparer is not an option, its more like who ever is available from the group need to perform activity on the requisitions. And Primarily we are talking about requisitions in incomplete/ in-process status..what options do we have in cloud..does re-assign work for this type of requisitions?



    • Ashok


      The functional premise of Self Service Procurement is just that, self service. The design primarily caters to a business process where we make it easy for an individual to shop for and request goods and services. For cases where one person prepares requisitions for a group of people is also envisages through the Preparer role.

      Not long ago, there was a similar requirement raised but only to view each other's requisitions in a department in the Ideas Lab. Do take a read:

      Reassign will only work on an individual basis. In other words, one user can reassign their requisitions to another (again not to a group of users).

      Summary: Your requirement not being at the core of our functional premise, is not something that is supported today.

    • Triveni Reddy

      Hi Ashok,

           I notice that in cloud procurement documentation (I have attached screen shot, the same is available in previous versions of documentation as well), there is something called procurement agent..and this role can be used to achieve the functionality of not viewing other's requisitions,but also modify them. Is this just in documentation or this feature can be used? 

      • Alan

        I'm curious about this "Procurement Agent" role, is this something that could be limited by Cost Center/Department or would someone with this role be able to see everything and have the rights to make updates?

      • Ashok

        Hi Triveni
        I will respond to this question shortly.

    • Ashok

      Triveni / Alan

      The short answer to both your questions is that the Procurement Agent setup really controls access to what documents a user has access to within Procurement. But the overarching control of access to Requisitions and what you can do on them is controlled by the job roles that we assign users: Requester, Preparer, Advanced Procurement Requester. A preparer is the closest to the ask on this idea of being able to manage requisitions for a group of users. However the user group as you know is all the users belonging to a specific requisitioning BU. You could assign the Preparer access to multiple Requisitioning BU's to have them manage users across BU's. What we don't support is the idea of a 'team' that this post raises.


      Documentation related to Procurement Agents is available here: