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    Maria Trejo
    Create Receipts in Spreadsheet
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Maria TrejoGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Receivables 
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    Create Receipts in Spreadsheet
    Create Receipts in Spreadsheet Error

    We are using the Create Receipts in Spreadsheet template and they never showed up in Receipt Batches to process. I've looked at the AR_BATCHES_ALL table and it shows as POSTBATCH_WAITING status.

    Does anyone know if I can delete it from the table? Or what process I need to run so that they appear under Accounts Receivable-Receipt Batches?


    Thank you,






    • Ajay Tadakamadala

      Hello Maria -

      Once you import receipts using spreadsheet, receipt batch will be created in Unposted status.

      You can run Post Receipt Batches ess job to post the batch so that you can see in Manage Receipts UI.

      Fusion Applications:Receivables How To Enter And Apply A Receipt Using SmartReceipts (Doc ID 1263067.1)

      You can also delete these batches from Accounts Receivable Workarea.

      • Maria Trejo

        Hi Ajay,

        Post Receipt Batches doesn't give me my Batch Name as an option.

        I also can't delete this batch from the Accounts Receivable work area because they haven't fully made it to Receivables.

        I appreciate your help.


    • Pratik Bane

      Hi Maria,

      Go to Receivables -> Accounts Receivables -> Receipt Batches (on the Left Side of the screen). Here you will able to see all unposted receipt batches. Now click on the batch number of the batch you want to delete. This will take you to review receipt batch batch screen. On the upper right side there is an action button. Click on action button & you will be able to see the delete option.