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    Dharma Shanmugam
    Confirm Receipts BPM Task Challenges
    Topic posted December 20, 2018 by Dharma ShanmugamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud 
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    Confirm Receipts BPM Task Challenges
    Confirm Receipts BPM Task Challenges

    Confirm Receipts BPM Task Challenges

    We are using ‘Confirm Receipts’ functionality to notify the requesters and buyers. The below URL’s explain this functionality.

     The requesters then can click on one of the below links in the notifications as in Image 1.

    1. Receive in Full
    2. Receive up to the Invoiced Amount
    3. Did Not Receive


    Image 1:

    For the first 2 cases, the system automatically creates the receipts. The challenges are:

    1. The ‘Confirm Receipts’ schedule process does not have any option to limit this only to certain BU’s. As we have Corporate and other regional BU’s, I would like to use ‘Confirm Receipts’ only for Corporate, and not for other BU’s. There is no provision to do this.
    2. The notification is sent to both the requester and the buyer. As the buyer is not supposed to receive the goods/services, it is resulting in confusion. To avoid this, I would like this BPM task ‘ConfirmReceiptRequestForAction’ be updated, so that the 2nd assignee is removed. But this is not updatable in the BPM Worklist as shown below.

    Image 2:

    Image 3:


    Does anyone face these challenges and if so, how did they work around this?



    • Ashok


    • Ashok

      This is the response I received from the Receiving team. This is the team that owns this specific notification.

      a) Can they update the assignees to not go to a buyer?

      This notification goes to either requester or the buyer but not both.
      If the PO is created from a requisition or if the requester is present on the PO, the notification goes to the requester. The only way the notification goes to buyer is when PO does not have a requester specified

      b)  Can they restrict this notification to only be sent in certain BU’s but not others

      No. Notifications are raised for all POs spanning every BU. However they can achieve this requirement using how confirm receipts work. This notification is sent when due date is past (controlled by a profile) or if there is an invoice on hold.
      You can read the details of this notification in the white papers and available documentation. But in short, they need to set the include past due orders profile to false. That way it will not raise notification for every order.
      Then for those BUs that need notification, they should create an invoice, match to the PO and put it on hold. Then the notifications are sent only for those orders with an on hold invoice.

      For additional clarifications, it would be best to take it up with the Receiving team.

    • Minna Muikku

      Ashok, can you advise where this profile option to "include past due orders" is maintained?

      We are planning on enabling this notification (currently not in use) and I'm trying to understand all the aspects. Is there any paper that describes all the steps how to enable this? I've understood it's a scheduled process that sends these notifications?




      Hi Ashok,

      We are facing few challenges with the confirm receipt process. One of them beeing that for certain orders, the receipts are created using web-service. The requester is not supposed to enter the receipts for these orders. Is there a way, we can exclude these orders from the confirm receipt process, i.e. no notifications should be triggered for these PO schedules, even if they are overdue. Currently the Overdue receipts notification for these orders is creating lot of confusion.

      We tried a manual workaround by putting the farthest possible need by date/ promised date for such PO schedules.

      But is there a better way to handle this.


      Ashok Rout

    • Ashok

      Hi Ashok R

      The ability to enhance the Receipts process is in the purview of the Inventory > Receiving team. I would request that you create a new Idea in the Inventory Ideas Lab for the above post as this comment on this post cannot be moved independent of the whole thing.

      The Lab you need to look at is this one: