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    Rich Lines
    Disabling PO Approval Email Notifications for specific user
    Topic posted April 17, 2019 by Rich LinesBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, How-To, Notifications, Orders, Setup, Tip 
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    Disabling PO Approval Email Notifications for specific user
    I would like to turn off the email notification sent when a PO requires approval


    Is it possible to disable the email notification an approver receives when a purchase order requires approval? I am part of an approval group for PO's and would only like to see my notification in the system itself (BPM). The reason for this is that each email can be up to 1MB each and I receive 100+ per day. This has a detrimental effect on my email quota when on leave (can block any further emails from coming through).

    I have a rule set up to send these email notifications to my deleted items BUT cannot set a rule up to delete from here. They need to be manually deleted.

    I do not want to stop all PO approval email notifications from being sent as other approvers within the group rely on these.

    I have tried creating a rule in 'My Messaging Filters' (BPM worklist > More Details > Preferences > Notification > Messaging Filters) to disable any emails from the address that PO approvals are sent from. This has not worked. They continue to come through via email as well as via the BPM worklist.

    Any advice would be most welcome.




    • Shesh

      Hello Rich,

      Did you uncheck the default options on the My Message Channels for EMAIL Type.

      1. Login into BPM Worklist.
      2. Click on the Username on top right corner and click Preferences
      3. Click on the Notification tab
      4. Select row with Type =EMAIL and click edit icon
      5. Uncheck default checkbox and click OK. Email notification will no more go to this user.



      • Rich Lines

        Hi Shesh,

        Would this not stop ALL email notifications from coming through? I would prefer to still see REQ / Expense / Supplier Amendment approval emails. I was wondering whether you could stop a particular type of email notification?



        • Shesh


          I agree, haven't checked for other notifications. But in the past we had referred to this note
          How To Turn Off Requisition/Purchasing Approval Email Notifications For Users (Doc ID 2226112.1)

          I am thinking, if you could define a Message Channel of Email Type with Default uncheck and use the channel under Messaging Filter Action?