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    Vinay Kumar
    How to save each Interview page Data on click of a button in...
    Topic posted June 1, 2018 by Vinay KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    How to save each Interview page Data on click of a button in OPA Screen?


    I am having 3 interview screens where user is filling data. After entering data in 3 screens, user will click submit in last screen then data will be saved in OSC Database. Now i need to save data on click of Save Button for every interview screen before user Click Submit in Last Screen. How to save each Screen Data on click of a button in OPA? How to restore data filled by user in interview screens.

    Thanks in Advance.

    February 01 2018



    • Brad Tuckett
    • Vinay Kumar

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for your help Brad. we are aware of Checkpoints and imported both Contact and Agent Objects into OSC and enabled Checkpoints for every screen in OPA .we do have few doubts as below

      For Example,

      • i  entered data in 1st and 2nd screen(Entities and global data) and clicked a button to save data.
      • on click of that button, how data is getting restored to Contact or Agent Checkpoint Object as we not mapping out any data to that object?
      • Is it default that OPA data automatically get saved to that Checkpoint objects in OSC on click of that button?
      • If Network issue raises, can i get all that data back filled by me in interview screens on Refesh of that page?



    • Brad Tuckett

      The checkpoint is saved to either the contact or agent regardless of what objects are mapped - it's a snapshot of the current interview, not the mapped data.

      When the checkpoint is saved depends on how you enabled checkpoints - see the topic "Configure the screens to create checkpoints"

      The checkpoint stores all the data on the screen, not just the mapped data - so if the interview is lost due to network issues, it will resume with everything entered for the last saved checkpoint.

    • Vinay Kumar

      Thank you very much Brad Tuckett for your detailed information

    • Ravi Prabhat

      Hi Brad,

      So as far as I understand checkpoints will help resuming last incomplete interview. But I doubt we can have more than one incomplete interviews? Right?

      Our requirement is to have multiple incomplete available so that user can navigate to required and complete.

    • Davin Fifield

      Hi Vinay,

      In general, you can have one checkpoint per "scope". An example of the scope is the combination of the contact id and the object id.

      E.g. one checkpoint for incident 12 for contact ABC, and another checkpoint for incident 19 for contact ABC, etc.



    • Vinay Kumar

      HI Davin,

      Thanks a lot for your Information and Check Points will be saved only after Chosen Screens(On Click Of Next only Check Points will Capture the Context of that Screen). So,The checkpoint is unique to the Contact/Account + child object + policy model combination. A contact/agent can therefore have multiple checkpoints.

      So is there any Option to Save Content(Data) of that interview to Check Points other than Click of  'NEXT'  button. Any Small Information on below points will be very helpful

      1. Logged in Contact will click a Link in OSC CP Page to create a Claim and redirected to OPA Interview page.
      2. How to Capture Multiple Incomplete OPA Claim Interviews on OSC CP  Page?
      3. On Click of a button in OSC CP Page, how it should redirect a logged in Contact to OPA  Incompleted Interview to fill all data and Submit the Claim??
      4. will Check Points Support 2 and 3 Points??
      5. We are having Claims as Custom Object and Contact Check Point Object in OSC and  to support Multiple Incomplete Claim Interviews for Same Contact, making Claims as Child to Contact Check Point will Work or Passing Claims ID(New & Unique) to OPA from OSC on Click of OSC Link will work?