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    Troubleshooting Destination Type: Work Order not available...
    Topic posted August 22, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Requisition Processing 
    Troubleshooting Destination Type: Work Order not available to users
    How to troubleshoot issues of access to Destination Type of Work Order when creating a requisitoin

    Customers / Support

    This article is intended to convey some troubleshooting tips for a problem that I am noticing surfacing on forums.

    Business Problem:

    1. User is in the Maintenance application in the context of a work order

    2. From the Operations tab, user clicks the 'Review Purchased Item Details' button

    3. User then clicks the 'Create Requisition' button

    4. User is navigated to the Self Service Procurement application (Home page)

    5. User navigates to the Edit Requisition Preferences page

    Issue #1:

    Destination Type cannot be set to 'Work Order'

    Issue #2:

    User is trying to add a Non Catalog Request and finding that when they add the request to a Shopping Cart and then edit the requisition, they are still not able to see the Destination Type option of 'Work Order'

    Analysis and Resolution:

    1. Configuration Checks:

    a) Enable 'Allow direct purchases for work orders' in the Manage Plant Parameter FSM task for the respective organization: Is this setup?

    b) Privilege that the user should have: 'Manage Requisition of Items with Work Order Destination Type’. Is this available?

    c) Assumed 'Procurement' Offering is implemented. Is this the case?

    2. If the above checks out clean, you need to verify the following:

    a) Navigate to Edit Requisition Preferences

    b) Check what Requisitioning BU is selected 

    c) Is that business unit associated with the Inventory Organization / Plant for which the work order is being created? This is usually where the issue tends to lie.

    To figure this out, go to the Inventory Organization definition FSM Task (Manage Inventory Organizations) and check whether the attribute Management Business Unit points to the same Requisitioning Business Unit. If not, go back to the Requisition Preferences and select the appropriate Requisitioning Business Unit. This will then allow you to select the right Deliver-to Locations (Locations associated to the Plant or Global Locations). 

    d) Create a sample requisition and ensure that the Destination Type 'Work Order' is now visible

    Please use this checklist as a first step to triage issues before you post it for Development review.