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    Michelle Brusyo
    CX – Oracle Engagement Cloud: Change in Enhancement R...
    Topic posted February 19, 2019 by Michelle BrusyoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Architecture, Configuration, Core SFA, Customer Data Mgmt, Import/Export, Industry Solutions, Integration, Mobilytics, OAUX, Outlook and Notes, PRM, Sales Performance Mgmt, Smartphone 
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    CX – Oracle Engagement Cloud: Change in Enhancement Request Process for Engagement Cloud Customers, 14 March 2019, 9 a.m PT - Submit Questions

    Submit your questions for the CX – Oracle Engagement Cloud: Change in Enhancement Request Process for Engagement Cloud Customers session to have them answered during the live event. Post your questions by posting a new comment to this topic.

    Please submit your questions by Wednesday, 13 March 2019.



    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Where we can find the product road map? We have posted our Ideas in Idea lab, but we dont know when it will be implemented. If we know product road map, it will help us to provide the better solution to our customer.



    • Greg Rice

      Hi Mohana -- Thanks for your question. We will discuss how you can get visibility into the planned product enhancements during our webcast. Also, if you have the opportunity to attend the upcoming Oracle Modern Customer Experience '19 conference this month in Las Vegas, or Oracle Open World later this year, those events include sessions on planned product capabilities for Engagement Cloud.



    • Mohana Gopal Selvam

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for your update. Oracle team will document the road map as per the Modern experience conference and put some where in the cloudcustomerconnect forum. It will help us who couldn't attend the conference like me :-)



    • toshihisa fujino
      Please submit questions by Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Although there is a description, where should I send an enhancement request from later date?
      Thanks Toshihisa
    • toshihisa fujino
      There is an enhancement request for the CPQ reporting function. I confirmed again in CPQ's Online Help. The fields are not available for reporting are Composite Summation, Attachment, Rich Text / description over 255 characters, multi-select menus, read-only HTML fields and all configuration attributes. It has become. (The attached PDF is the original text.) Is OnlineHelp wrong for support? I think that there is nothing but to confirm. If Not availabe is "Rich Text / description over 255 characters" Should be less than 255 characters. However, in fact, rich text can not be set because it is not the target of the report function. A complaint has been received from the customer. Please correspond.