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    Issue with Allocation Rules after P2T (Production To...
    Topic posted January 11, 2018 by RohitBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Allocations, Financials, General Ledger 
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    Issue with Allocation Rules after P2T (Production To Test Refresh)
    Issue with Allocation Rules after P2T (Production To Test Refresh)

    Hi Folks,

     Every time after Production to Test refresh some of the allocation rules errors out and requires manual fixing in test instance. I don't know which one will run and which will not. So, I have to validate and deploy each one of them one by one. I am doing the P2T step as mentioned in, "What Are The Steps Required for the Cube, FR Reports and Allocations After a P2T? (Doc ID 2104933.1)". Has anyone else experiencing the similar issue with running allocation rules in non-prod instance after P2T?

    If yes, please share your experience/insights how you are fixing it.

    Thank you




    • Linda Wong

      You can log an SR if this happens again.

    • Kevin Johnson

      We have the same issue. We are testing using these now, and our Test environment has never worked properly. Your description matches exactly what we have to do. We had no assurance that this would not occur in Production, so we have not moved forward with utilizing Calculation Manager in Production. 

      • Rohit

        Well, I cannot comment on whether you will going to have issues in Production or not. Our allocation rules in production are running fine. I don't know whether there was any issues when they were first moved. It was done by a consultant. Right now, Production2Test process causes the allocation rules issues to break in non-prod instance. This is happening every time.

    • Kevin Johnson

      Hi Rohit,

      Could you update us once the SR has offered a solution?




      • Rohit

        Sorry, I am bit confused here. As, I understand from your previous post is that you have not moved the allocation rules to PROD yet, is that right? 

    • Abhijit

      Could you please update the SR number here?




    • Rohit

      Following two document note will be helpful. 

      How are Member Names Generated in Essbase (Doc ID 2303516.1)
      Oracle Fusion General Ledger Hierarchies: Recommendations and Best Practices (Doc ID 1520970.1)