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    Rohit Apsangi
    Trigger workflow in future date
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Rohit ApsangiGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Configuration, Core SFA, Groovy 
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    Trigger workflow in future date

    Hi Community Members,

    I would like to know how we can call the object function using workflow which will trigger in future date?

    I have tried setting execution date after 1 hr of my custom date field, but its not working.

    please suggest your ideas.







    • Nagappan Vairavan

      Hi Rohit,

      Have you tried setting up the workflow condition as record updated and used the custom field value in the condition?

      If yes and what and when is the action you want in workflow execution, More details will be helpful to resolve your issue.



      • Rohit Apsangi

        Hi Vairavan,

        I have configured workflow on update action itself and the condition is when opportunity status is set as Won. My expectation here is , I have one object function which I am calling using workflow. In the workflow I am setting execution time as after 1 hr of workflow triggered, but it seems to be not working. The object function is not being called by workflow.

        ~ Rohit


    • Andrei Stan

      Hello Rohit,

      Are you still facing the issue?

      If you do, perhaps you should log a Service Request for this to get further analyzed. You could try to also have a field update on the object Workflow and to check if that is getting triggered.


      Best Regards,