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    Vinay Kumar
    Do not leave this screen while Data is being Submitted error
    Topic posted June 2, 2018 by Vinay KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Do not leave this screen while Data is being Submitted error

    I am able to submit the data from OPA to OSC Most of the times as Sometimes i am getting Do not leave this screen while Data is being Submitted error and can't able to go next screen when this error is coming. For evaluating business rules we Mapping IN/OUT Data as below :

    • We are Loading data(Mapping in) from OSC to OPA through data mapping.
    • We are Mapping out data filled in OPA Interview screens from OPA to OSC through data mapping.
    • We are doing lot of Customization through JavaScript(Custom Properties) for Complex business rules.

    I am attaching the image below and need help from u guys to overcome this issue as is this because of Network issue or something else?

    Thanks in Advance,


    February 01 2018



    • Leomar Cortez

      I am encountering the same issue.  I observed that in order to avoid this error, I have to wait around 3 seconds before clicking the Next or Submit button.  I noticed this issue started when our version was upgraded to 18.  Could this be an upgrade issue?

    • Brad Tuckett

      Just to confirm - the message "Please do not leave this screen while data is being submitted..." isn't an error - it is a message OPA can display when the submit is in progress.

      The submit progress lightbox is configurable per interview (http://documentation.custhelp.com/euf/assets/devdocs/unversioned/PolicyAutomation/en/Default.htm#Guides/Policy_Modeling_User_Guide/Design_interviews/Configure_appearance_of_interview.htm#Configur7)

      Are you seeing an error when the interview is being submitted in addition to the submit progress lightbox?  If so, does anything appear in the OPA Hub message log?

    • Leomar Cortez

      Thanks for pointing that out Brad.  You're correct that the message itself is actually not an error message.  There is no other error message on the page and there is no error message log in OPA Hub.  But it is a problem/issue because the message is just displayed and the next page is never displayed or the interview is not submitted even after waiting for so many minutes.  As I mentioned, if I wait around 3 seconds before clicking Next or Submit, then I can proceed to the next page or submit the interview.  The 'Please do not leave this Screen...' message appears very briefly before going to the next page.

    • Brad Tuckett

      It sounds like the issue is with Service Cloud saving the data, not the OPA interview.  I suggest logging a service request for your Service Cloud instance to be investigated.

    • Vinay Kumar

      Thanks for your Valueble Comments Brad Tuckett and Leomar Cortez.

    • Steven Robert

      Hi all

      I would like to echo Leomar's observation - I have raised an SR about a Sales Cloud integrated project. 180605-000034

      My observation is that the interview gets stuck on the 'Please wait' message if the screen has not finished updating itself.

      Waiting until the screen has settles avoids the issue.

    • Fiona Guy

      Yes it's not Service Cloud or Sales Cloud related. We are investigating. 

    • Leomar Cortez

      Hi Fiona,

      Is there a fix to this yet?

      I created SR Reference #: 180618-000019  for this already


    • Brad Tuckett

      It is still being worked on.  Once a resolution is available, it will be applied to affected sites.