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    Rob Cotterrell
    Quarterly Patching - Testing
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Rob Cotterrell, tagged Financials, Update 
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    Quarterly Patching - Testing
    Quarterly Patching - Testing


    I was just wondering what other customers do around the quarterly patching for financials? We tend to read the notes for any new features then test end to end business processes - is this over the top or not enough? Is anyone using any automated testing product to help with the process?



    • Kevin McCulley

      Hi Rob

      I don't think testing all our end to end processes every patch is over the top. We went live April 18 so have had six quarterly updates now I believe. We're not using any automated testing or outsourcing any testing.

      We have built over that time a list of business-as-usual activities that we have considered to be critical. We find new BAU activities to add each time so this list of scenarios is growing each quarter. Once the update is applied to our test servers owners of each of the product areas (AP/AR/Procurement/GL/Global HR/Payroll/etc.) have the first week to test each of the scenarios for their areas to ensure that no BAU activities have been 'broken' by the patch. So far we've not had any issues in this area. The second week we test new functionality that we are interested in (new functionality we don't use is effectively ignored.) If new optional functionality has a "not optional from" date then we also test it straight away, rather than wait until the patch where it becomes mandatory.

    • Brian Burns

      Hi Rob,

      That is what we do as well. I think that's the only way to find any critical issue that may impact your PROD environment.