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    Janelle Azimullah
    Improve the 'Status' tagging system for Idea Lab
    Idea posted July 17, 2019 by Janelle AzimullahGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    Improve the 'Status' tagging system for Idea Lab

    The status system currently used by Oracle in Idea Lab allows users to mislead people. 

    For example, an Idea with a status of 'Under Oracle Review' is appended with the phrase "[Under Oracle Review]"

    However any user can submit an Idea with the words "[Under Oracle Review]", or edit their existing ideas with the same. 

    I was able to add '[Under Oracle Review]' to the start of my idea which would mislead other users. 

    Use Case and Business Need:

    People will search based on keywords like "Under Oracle Review" rather than using the dedicated Status search. I find it hard to believe that any user can append their post with this type of information.

    More details:

    Could lead to misuse.



    • Becky Alvarez

      You bring up a good point.  I think this is significant hole in the ER process and will make sure it is brought up an perhaps we add a separate field that users cannot edit.  Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Janelle,

      Thank you for being a valued member of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.

      Your ideas has been moved to the Site Feedback Forum as it belongs here rather than in Financials. 

      Your concern about the Idea Status has already been discussed within our team last week and we will be adding a solution for the same soon where you will be unable to edit the title to add the status.

      Regarding the other issues that you have highlighted in the Word Document about deleting an idea, that option is only available to site administrators as of now. The reason being, if you delete your idea, you will lose the comments and points for all the contributors to this idea. Any user who has added a comment will also lose their points.

      For tags, it is a system limitation where we are unable to have customers add their own tags.