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    Guillaume Cartallier
    Smartview: Slow navigation in Excel
    Topic posted May 26, 2017 by Guillaume Cartallier, last edited August 1, 2018 
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    Smartview: Slow navigation in Excel
    Smartview: Slow navigation in Excel

    Hello All,


    Hyperion Planning

    Excel 2013 and 2016

    A user was complaining about refreshing time and slowness of the navigation in a specific (and quite simple) Excel sheet. He noticed that by copy / pasting the content of the sheet in a new tab and after having designed the multiple-grids connection again, those problems disappeared. So have I tested it by myself and got the same results:

    1) The first tab includes a multiple-grid (four grids connected to the same database). The sheet was formerly copied from another file (the whole tab was copied, not only the content)

    - the navigation in Excel is very slow (switch cells, display the list of areas in the "Name Box"...)

    - Refresh the data takes more than 20 seconds. However in the application log, the extractor time lasts 0 second for each grid, but there are 5 seconds between each refresh. Another interesting thing in the log is that the line "Connected from [::ffff:ip address] " appears once for each grid to refresh, contrary to the second test.

    - If I delete all the Smartview metadata or remove Smartview from Excel, the navigation becomes fluid again. But if I designe the multiple grid connections again, the problems come back.

    2) The content of the first file was copied in a second one and I designed the four areas to be refreshed again:

    - Refreshing the data is immediate. In the log file file, the line "Connected from [::ffff:ip address] " appears once in the beginning of the extraction and is not repeated after each grid

    - The navigation in Excel is perfect

    - The Excel file size is 20% smaller than the first one

    3) What I have already done:

    - Clear all Smartview metadata

    - Remove all the existing defined names

    - Remove all external sources

    - Use the Excel functionality "Inspect Workbook"

    - Disable the option "Move Formatting on Operations"

    - The "Reduce Excel file size" and "Improve Metadata Storage" are checked

    Do you have any idea about what causes the issue in the first file? I would like to be able to fix it directly and not tell the users to rebuild all their files in case of slowness.

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    • EPM Guy

      Have you sought to test with the latest version of Smart View(

    • Gary Adashek

      Oracle published a number of different tips, tricks and suggestions.

      Have you taken a look here: Adashek EPM: Smart View Tips & Options

    • Parijat Roy


      Excel 2016

      For me also I am getting this same issue.

      When I open the excel first time, the navigation is very smooth, but as soon as I clear the worksheet metadata and re-create the range in the existing sheet, it starts slowing down. Slower are the sheets which are not connected to Essbase.

    • touseef rehman

      Hi we're now on W10 Xendesktop citrix environment and users who use smartview and specifically using the Essbase ribbon excel becomes laggy and slow any ideas? I've got  SR open but no joy yet ?