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    Angie Ni
    Set Up a Supplier User to be a Responder to SQM...
    Topic posted October 31, 2019 by Angie NiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Questionnaire, Questionnaire Response 
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    Set Up a Supplier User to be a Responder to SQM Questionnaires
    This post illustrates how to set up a supplier user to respond to supplier qualification questionnaires.

    Supplier users can respond to supplier qualification questionnaires from Supplier Portal. By default, if the supplier users have Supplier Sales Representative role, they can access questionnaires from Supplier Portal. If you want to restrict what tasks in the supplier portal the supplier contact can access, you can create a customized role that allows supplier users access only to the questionnaires.

    This is what supplier responders can see with the default Supplier Sales Representative role, as in the screenshot below:


    If you do not want the responder to have access to other tasks such as negotiations, purchase orders or agreements, you can create a customized Supplier Sales Representative role, remove the functional securities while keep the ones for supplier qualification questionnaires.

    In this example, a custom role is created from Supplier Sales Representative.


    Then, navigate to role hierarchy and remove the roles you don’t want.


    In this example, roles that are removed include: Supplier Bidder role, purchase order management as supplier, Purchase Agreement Management as Supplier, and Manage Item Catalog.

    Please note that you must keep Supplier Qualification Questionnaire Response Management as Supplier and View Supplier Qualification Questionnaire Response as Supplier for supplier qualification tasks. Alternatively, you could also add these 2 duty roles to a role that the supplier responder has.

    After you create this new role, you can assign it to supplier users. Below is what the supplier responder can see on Supplier Portal with the changes we’ve made above.


    The responder can still access supplier qualification tasks while cannot access other tasks previously available in negotiations or purchase orders.




    • Catherine Hull

      To clarify, if a supplier does NOT have Supplier Portal OR the client doesn't use Supplier Portal,,, how can the supplier answer SQM answers?

      Without Supplier Portal, only solution is via responding to a PDF of the questions, then an internal user creating a 'surrogate response'?



      • Angie Ni

        Suppliers should use supplier portal to answer questions. Otherwise internal users can create surrogate response for the suppliers as you pointed out.