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    Zoë Read
    ANNOUNCEMENT: Opt-In Features with Expiry Dates
    Topic posted June 19, 2019 by Zoë ReadSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited June 26, 2019, tagged Configuration, Financials, Setup / Administration 
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: Opt-In Features with Expiry Dates
    Some Opt-In Features introduced since Update 19B have expiry dates, be aware that at this point they will become automatically enabled and you may need to prepare for this

    Opt-In Features allow you to uptake functionality at a time that suits you.

    This post is to advise that some Financials Opt-In features introduced in Updates 19B and 19C have an expiration date as future functionality depends on them. When the Opt-In Expiry date is reached, these features will automatically be opted-in as part of the update. You need to be aware of these and plan for them, as they may affect your users even if you did not actively opt-in to that feature.

    The attached document contains information on all Financials and Accounting Hub Opt-In features that are due to become automatically enabled in future updates, so that you can plan for them within the timescales given. Once a feature is automatically opted-in, you may still need to take additional setup or configuration steps to enable the feature. If you do not perform these additional steps, the feature will be opted-in automatically but you will not be able to use it.

    Please don’t ignore this – it is important and might well affect you.

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them as replies to this post. 

    With thanks, 

    Zoë - Oracle Financials Strategy



    • Matthew Lawrence

      Thank you for posting this valuable document!  I'm hopeful documents for future update cycles will also be posted.  Thanks!

    • Zoë Read

      Thanks for the feedback! 

      There will be more Opt-In features delivered in each update (some of them with expiry dates) and so I plan to add these into the document each time we have a new update. It will be available at roughly the same time as the What's New is published, since this document links to the feature details in the What's New for more information. 

      I plan to include all Financials and Accounting Hub features with expiry dates in future updates (even if that update is quite far off) as they are useful for planning, but will remove features from this list in the release after the opt-in has expired.