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    Andreea Costea
    Duplicate email address with Email Address Sharing disabled
    Topic posted September 6, 2018 by Andreea CosteaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Email 
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    Duplicate email address with Email Address Sharing disabled


    We have Email Address Sharing disabled, but still, we have a number of contacts with same email address (sent by API integration from a platform). The email address is corect, without 001 and the Primary Email invalid is set to No.

    Is there an explanation for this behavior? How can we automatically set incidents and orders of every duplicated contact to only one of the duplicated contacts and delete the others?

    Thank you!



    • Dev Aditya

      Hi Andreea, 

      I have faced the similar issue earlier. In our case, two separate integration flows were running at the same time. Although they were supposed to run on different set of data, however, in many instance, contact for incidents in both the set of data were same. As, difference between data process time of both the flows was less than 1 mili second(let us call it, they ran simultaneously), so, OSvC was not able to identify that same email ID is being used in both the flows and hence, two contacts were created with same email ID.

      I am sure, if you will check contact creation time of all the contacts with same email ID, it will be same. 

      Possible solution could be, you can schedule your batches in different time. 

      Kind Regards,