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    Alexander Berndt
    Embedded Chat Inlay - Form options
    Topic posted February 20, 2019 by Alexander BerndtSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Embedded Chat Inlay - Form options
    Customise form fields of embedded chat inlay

    Hi, currently when the embedded chat inlay is launched, it either comes up with a form or you can specify anonymous-chat-enabled="true" which doesn't show a form.

    I was was wondering if it were possible to customise the form that appears, can you add or remove fields and can you choose which ones are required?



    • Jamal Martin

      I would like to know this as well. Can you add or remove fields?

    • Andrew Wooster

      I also would like to know how much we can customize the form.

    • Willie Eide


      Today, you cannot. Its either what we have on that pre-chat screen or skipped (via the anonymous attribute).

      However, we do plan on providing various customization in the near future. What I am thinking is this:

      • being able to specify which of the fields are present (subject, first, last, email) and which are required
      • being able to have chat visible custom fields appear on the pre-chat screen
      • being able to select a product and/or category on the pre-chat screen.

      I do not have a timeline for this capability just yet, but it is high on my "whats next list". We introduce a new build every 2 weeks, so hopefully we can have this out fairly soon.


      • Eric Gottesman

        I just found the Embedded chat inlay functionality today, and it solves a major issue that a client was having in terms of preserving chat when pages change. The ability to add additional fields is definitely critical. I'll try doing it via javascript (as shown below), but would be much better with built in functionality of course. Thanks for getting this out there!

    • Walter Kamp

      It's possible by using jQuery, and adding CSS on document ready cheeky