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    Lavish Kumar
    How to make sure contacts don't receive any emails in...
    Topic posted May 26, 2015 by Lavish KumarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    How to make sure contacts don't receive any emails in TEST console?

    When oracle configure the TEST console, all the contacts email address have .invalid suffix so that no emails are sent to the contacts in TEST console.

    I are performing some tests that requires importing several lists of contacts (XML Files with contact) in the OSC (RightNow Test Console) database via web services. The mailbox on our TEST console is already enabled because previously we have been testing some mailing features.

    The issue is - If we go ahead with this test import via web services that will import thousands of contacts in the TEST console database, I need to make sure there are no background processes / business rules etc that sends an email to these contacts if email address is valid (since test console is an exact copy of production). So, in order to avoid this I would like to know:

    1) Is there any way to add ".invalid" to all the newly imported contacts once import is done? I cannot change the email address of contacts before import since the import file is XML (not csv) and there are 1000s of contacts in several lists.

    2) Any way to disable the mailbox temporarily? If I want to disable the mailbox functionality (temporarily) to stop RightNow from sending out any emails - What is the procedure? Does deleting the added mailboxes disables all mailing features? If I want to enable mailbox again in future, what needs to be done?


    3) The process of completely disabling the mailing service needs to be configured from Oracle?

    4) Is it possible to confirm that there are no background processes that may trigger a transaction mailing in the TEST console if imported email address is valid?

    Feb 2014 - 3.2 framework


    • Anurag Mittal

      Refer this article



    • Lavish Kumar

      This is perfect - Thanks Anurag.

      Also, for me to do an import, I want to make sure mailbox service is disabled completely. So, I need to ask Oracle for that or just deleting mailbox from console is enough?

      So, this is my plan - Disable mailbox service > do the import > ask Oracle to add .invalid > then enable mailbox again

    • Lavish Kumar

      Also, does disabling mailbox is also called disabling "Outreach mailbox"?

    • Anurag Mittal

      Lavish, your plan is correct. You can disable mailbox by yourself if you have access to VCIO. Refer this article. Otherwise ask Oracle to just disable it.  

      There 2 two different type of mailbox: Oracle-managed Service mailboxes and general Service mailboxes are used only with the Service application, while Outreach mailboxes are used with either Outreach or Feedback. For more info refer doc


    • Lavish Kumar

      Thank you Anurag!

    • Lavish Kumar

      I looked into the VCIO. It seems like it only "deleted" the mailbox that is being used to "receive" emails.

      But, to disable the mailbox that is used to "send out" the email, I don't see any option. It seems like it has been disabled from Oracle support?

    • Lavish Kumar

      Hello Anurag, I just need your advise. So, I did contact Oracle and their response is a little slow and I am still waiting to hear back from them. So, if I keep waiting, I am not sure how long it will take.

      We recently requested Oracle to refresh / reset the TEST console and now that TEST console is an exact copy of Production. I am just concern if there is any background process running and if I import any contacts, they might receive an email. Is there any way you think just by simply importing contacts they might get any email (who do not have any incidents etc since they will be new contacts as all current contacts in TEST have .invalid)?

      What would you recommend? Is it safe to simply import thousands of contacts or any business rule in the background "CAN" trigger some kind of notification?

    • Anuj Behl

      Hi Lavish,

      You can import contacts and prevent any business rules or external events to run on them. It depends on which method you use to import them.

      If you are using Data Import wizard, you can uncheck following check boxes to make sure no rules run for these records

      Select this check box if you want external events to run against the data you are importing. The check box is cleared by default.

      Select this check box if you want business rules to run against the data you are importing. The check box is selected by default.

      If you are using ConnectPHP to import contacts, just use below to prevent any rules from running - Doc



    • Anurag Mittal

      By default it won't send any email to contact while creating/updating contact unless and until you have some rule/CPM/External Event for that. Just make sure whether it is okay to bypass/suppress rule/CPM/External Event while creating/updating contact.  

    • Lavish Kumar

      First of all, thank you Anuj and Anurag for your comments.

      My concern is, I did not create any business rule in the system and I have no information on what other admin(s) have created in past. Again this is the TEST console what I am talking about (which is an exact copy of Production).

      The method that I m using to import / update the contacts is via web services:

      So, I don't think the import process itself triggers anything but my only concern is that if there is any background process / rule that try sending any kind of notification / email to any contact if any it finds a valid email address.

      Is there any way to disable rules etc in on step in RightNow console just to be sure? or anything else you can recommend?

    • Anuj Behl

      Import process can trigger business rules which then may send notification out to contacts. Since you are using web services to import contacts, you will again need to suppress rule triggers so they are not called.


      Check this doc.

    • Lavish Kumar

      Hmmm...I guess this requires making changes in the import service itself and it will suppress the rule only for the time of import. I was more looking for something or a workaround within the console that disables the processes / rules for the time being.

    • Lavish Kumar

      SuppressRules should be set to "True" or "False" in order to make sure NO rules are triggered during import via API?

    • Lavish Kumar

      Currently, I have this in the code: - Will this trigger the business rules or no?

      CreateProcessingOptions options = new CreateProcessingOptions();

          options.SuppressExternalEvents = false;
          options.SuppressRules = false;
    • Anurag Mittal

      set it to True. Also make sure you have allowed CPM to be suppressed by checking the "Can Suppress" check box. Refer the 5th point of this doc.