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    Lavish Kumar
    How to make sure contacts don't receive any emails in...
    Topic posted May 26, 2015 by Lavish KumarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
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    How to make sure contacts don't receive any emails in TEST console?

    When oracle configure the TEST console, all the contacts email address have .invalid suffix so that no emails are sent to the contacts in TEST console.

    I are performing some tests that requires importing several lists of contacts (XML Files with contact) in the OSC (RightNow Test Console) database via web services. The mailbox on our TEST console is already enabled because previously we have been testing some mailing features.

    The issue is - If we go ahead with this test import via web services that will import thousands of contacts in the TEST console database, I need to make sure there are no background processes / business rules etc that sends an email to these contacts if email address is valid (since test console is an exact copy of production). So, in order to avoid this I would like to know:

    1) Is there any way to add ".invalid" to all the newly imported contacts once import is done? I cannot change the email address of contacts before import since the import file is XML (not csv) and there are 1000s of contacts in several lists.

    2) Any way to disable the mailbox temporarily? If I want to disable the mailbox functionality (temporarily) to stop RightNow from sending out any emails - What is the procedure? Does deleting the added mailboxes disables all mailing features? If I want to enable mailbox again in future, what needs to be done?


    3) The process of completely disabling the mailing service needs to be configured from Oracle?

    4) Is it possible to confirm that there are no background processes that may trigger a transaction mailing in the TEST console if imported email address is valid?

    Feb 2014 - 3.2 framework


    • Lavish Kumar

      Hello Anurag, thanks for your quick response.

      I don't see Process Designer under Site Configuration?

      What does this CPM suppression does? if this is "NOT" checked, even with "options.SuppressRules = True;" the rules will be triggered anyway?

    • Lavish Kumar

      Also - enabling "CPM suppression" option will affect the default functionality / processes of the RightNow console itself? or this is ONLY for API connection / import?

    • Anurag Mittal

      Check your navigation set to see option for process designer.

      Enabling "CPM Suppression" will only allow API connection to suppress them (as mentioned in the doc i refer), it won't effect default functionality.  

    • Lavish Kumar

      Thank you Anurag, I appreciate your help!