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    Jon Kelly
    19B Upgrade Route Task vs Ad Hoc
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by Jon KellySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Requisition Processing 
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    19B Upgrade Route Task vs Ad Hoc

    In our testing for 19B, we noticed that the Ad Hoc option is gone from our requisition approvals and there is a Route Task option instead. We regularly use the Ad Hoc to approve and route to a "Chain of Single Approvers" but can't seem to find this option in 19B. Is this being removed, or anyone have an idea how to accomplish this? 




    • Sumana Sarkar

      Hello Jon,

      You're right. The equivalent of "Adhoc Route"  in BIP template based approval notification is "Route Task".
      However, please note that the BIP template based approval notification only supports single adhoc approver as of today. Multi/Chain will be supported in a future release (we don't have the ETA as of now).

      Thanks and Regards


      • Jon Kelly

        Although I appreciate the update/confirmation, this is terrible news for us. We use this ability for all our high dollar approvals. This leaves us 10 days before the upgrade goes to production to find workarounds. 


        • Gopalakrishna Bulasala


          We are also facing same issue after 19B upgrade. Can you please share, if you find any workaround on this.

          Not able to add multiple adhoc approvers from approval notification

          • Jon Kelly

            Unfortunately, we have not found any workaround. We have had to adjust our policies and procedures for tasks that needed this ability until Oracle adds the functionality back. 


    • Ramesh Bomma

      Thanks Sumana

    • Gopalakrishna Bulasala

      Good to know. Thanks.

    • Jon Kelly

      It appears that Request Information also removed the ability to route a question to any user and obtain a response. The only options are for users directly tied to the requisition workflow. I can request from the creator, but (for example) I cannot send something to a PI to confirm/clarify. These changes really feel like a step backward in functionality.


    • Swami Amajala

      Can anyone please advice if there are any workarounds available to address this gap? We have a need for our approvers to add additional approvers in workflow based on dollar amount. Our current approval rules are designed to route to single approver and it is a business process to add more approvers if they feel additional people are required to review and approve. Appreciate any suggestions!



      • Jon Kelly

        This is our need as well. It’s MUCH simpler to add a few people when needed with ad hoc than to build entire workflow around potential escalation. 


        • Swami Amajala

          Thanks for the feedback Jon!

          I agree adhoc routing is definitely much easier and simple solution, it is really step backwards not having that ability.

    • Ashok


      I have noted these recent updates relating to the missing piece of functionality. This is something we have raised as a requirement from the owners of the template. I will revert if I have any updates on this to share.

      • Swami Amajala

        Thanks Ashok! If you have any feedback on when we might expect to have this functionality that would be helpful to consider our alternate options based on effort for the time being while we wait for this.

    • Salome Bethala

      Hello Sumana, 

      Could you please let me know the ETA for this functionality. 


    • Ashok


      We don't have any specific timeline related details to share at this time. We will follow up and revert if there is an update.