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    Willie Eide
    Community Deprecation & Community Self Service Launch
    Topic posted September 25, 2015 by Willie EideGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, last edited December 12, 2017 
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    Community Deprecation & Community Self Service Launch

    For those who haven’t heard about it from their account teams, or haven’t seen the info on the support site, the deprecation of Oracle Service Cloud Social Experience Support and Innovation Community Cloud Service (a.k.a. RightNow Community, a.k.a. HiveLive) was announced on August 31, 2015. The official info is in the Deprecation Announcement on the support site (log-in required), but the upshot is that end-of-support for Community is November 2017.

    That news coincided with the launch of "Community Self Service" functionality as part of the August 2015 release of Service Cloud. In a nutshell, Community Self Service is community/forum/peer-to-peer functionality built natively into the core Oracle Service Cloud stack, largely through Customer Portal pages and widgets. So Service Cloud Web Experience customers can use Community Self Service capabilities by upgrading to the August 2015 release (and by migrating, if necessary, to Customer Portal framework v.3.3.1).

    Materials on Community Self Service can be found here…

    Next week I’ll be hosting an Ask the Experts session on Community Self Service, so join that – or watch the recording later here: Ask the Experts: Community Self Service-20150930 1501-1 – to get further details and to see it in action. (I’ll be posting the details for this session separately, but you can register for it at the Service Cloud Webinars page.) 

    For questions and comments on either Community or Community Self Service, please…

    • Check in with your account team <-- especially if your organization uses the RightNow Community / HiveLive platform
    • Ask questions below in this thread
    • Start in a new thread here in the Social / Communities forum
    • Post technical questions to the Customer Portal board in the Developer Discussion Forum
    • Share ideas in the Idea Lab, using the “Community” tag - in the coming weeks, I’ll be reviewing and commenting on a lot of the great Community (HiveLive) ideas from the past few years as they relate to Community Self Service

    We’re bittersweet about the sunsetting of the Community platform, but it -- and our customers who use it -- have brought valuable insights and have helped us shape the vision for Community Self Service, which we are awfully excited to now have in the market. And we’re looking forward to conversations with you on its use and impact.

    - Matthew



    • Bastiaan van der Kooij

      not a tear here, rid the world of ancient technology!

    • Matthew Lees

      Hi, Bastiaan. I'm glad you're not too sad about the change in direction for our community solution, though "ancient technology" seems a bit harsh. While our vision for a more integrated approach to customer knowledge and community conversations couldn't realistically be delivered by the Community product, it's still pretty cool in many ways, and it still does a lot of things well.

      So while I'm excited about Community Self Service, there are definitely things I'm miss about Community. </sniffle>

    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      I'm right there with you, Matthew! I'm excited for the new opportunities and possibilites, especially around knowledge and reporting and to have Community Managers join the conversation here and share our learnings here, but I'll miss some of the capabilities of our legacy Community platform too. 

    • Lorna Rickett

      Any plans for moving this community to use the new platform?

    • Erica (Leep) Anderson

      Great question, Lorna. We are planning on moving onto Community Self Service and regularly discuss this with our team internally, but at this point, we have decided to wait until key features like file attachments, avatars, reputation system, etc. are added as OOTB features, so that our community members can have a smoother transition to the new platform.


    • Dave Hart

      Thanks for the info, Erica! Can't wait for the features you've stated.

    • Willie Eide

      I am going to update this main forum question and the Answer ID on the knowledgebase support site.

      The product formerly known as Hivelive will be officially turned off for all external customers on November 1, 2018. All existing customers on this platform are encouraged to move to the OSvC Community Self Service (CSS) product. We do not have any migration tools as the two products widely differ but can offer a spreadsheet with mapping information for a manual export/import.

      In addition, the video capabilities for those on Hivelive will be removed as of May 1, 2018. Therefore if you have video on that platform and do not have any copies locally, we suggest you download to your servers and/or upload them to a video service such as YouTube.