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    Sukalyan Ghatak
    Is it possible to create backdated shipment
    Topic posted June 20, 2019 by Sukalyan GhatakBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
    Is it possible to create backdated shipment
    Is it possible to create backdated shipment

    Can we create a backdated shipment in Oracle?

    We have a requirement where our 3PL starts loading trucks for an order say on 30-June but the actual quantity loaded will be mostly known around 2-July. Remember, we are dealing with liquids, so actual quantities would only be know after it is loaded as it could differ based on temperature or other conditions.

    Now, even though we complete the loading may be on 2-July, because of inco terms, we want to post it to June. As in hit COGS in June. Because COGS accounting date would be driven by the sales order issue material transaction, is there a way to control it? I see an initial ship date in the Manage Shipments screen, but I don't think it accepts a backdate.


    Sukalyan Ghatak