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    Jarel Birck da Silva
    Unified Solution Chat with Chat Bot
    Topic posted December 21, 2018 by Jarel Birck da SilvaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Unified Solution Chat with Chat Bot
    Unified Solution Chat with Chat Bot

    Hi gurus,

    I'm involved in a Chat Bot and OSvC project and I need an insight to propose a better solution.

    The requirement is to built a unified Chat solution inside OSvC Customer Portal where the customer, would start a Chat session and, according to the product and/or category selected, the customer would be routed to a bot or a real person.

    During the bot conversation, if it was not possible to solve the problem, the customer must be routed to a real person carrying the whole bot conversation along with it.

    The customer already have both, the OSvC and the Chat Bot solution. The idea is to integrate with the Chat Bot, using the APIs delivered.


    Do you have any idea what the best solution is? I thought copy and overwrite all the Chat widgets in Customer Portal do add the bot integrations before route to a real person. Do you guys know if it is possible?



    • Luuk

      Oracle has two solutions for this.

      The first one is Oracle Virtual Assistant (not the best solution in my opinion)


      Oracle Digital Assistant. A chatbot solution which has an integration with Oracle Service Cloud.
      I have recently worked with Oracle on a demo with the Digital Assistant and it is a really good solution for the problem you're describing.

      • Jarel Birck da Silva

        Hi Luuk, Thank you so much for your answer.

        The big problem is that customer already have a Microsoft Chat Bot solution. However, it is a good new knowing that DA already has a native integration with OSvC. Could you briefly explain how the solution works? We could use the same idea to implement the solution with Microsoft.


        • Luuk

          Really easy.
          The DA has a lot of built in chat responses. Besides the default chat responses, you can program your processes using API's.

          If the customer wants to talk to an agent. The customer just asks: Can I talk to an agent. And the DA transfers the chat to the Oracle Service Cloud chat. You should be able to link any chat bot solution (even Microsofts one) to Oracle Service Cloud using the chat API's. Info on the chat api's can be found in the documentation.

          • Sandra Cantor

            Hi Luuk,

            Thank you for this information. We are implementing the integration between DA and Oracle Service Cloud chat. The thing is we noticed that we are loosing some functionality from Oracle service cloud chat_landing.php (like Chat Off the Record, send files to the human agent or pop up the chat survey) with this integration.

            If we are in the chatbot page called from a website and then the chat bot passes the chat to a human agent, the conversation remains in the same page the customer was chatting with the bot, so we are not going to have the other buttons the OSvc chat has.

            Is that true? Is there any other way we can approach this integration between the DA and OSvc Chat?

            Thank you,