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    case insentive in BI publisher text box parameter
    Topic posted November 20, 2019 by Srekan Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Business Intelligence 
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    case insentive in BI publisher text box parameter
    how to get data when passing case insentive in BI publisher text box parameter

    Hello All,

    i have BI publisher report with parameter "Name" text box. when user enters name for example Tom, it has to pull all Tom records. 

    when user enters any other format / combination in the text box value Tom, it has to pull records.

    possible combinations to enter in name text box are Tom, TOM, ToM, tom, tOM etc.




    BI publisher 12c



    • Raghavan Polisetty

      Hi Joe,

      What is the current behavior of the search?

      is it not case sensitive?



      • Srekan

        Hi Raghavan,

        current behaviour is case sensitive. for example if name data in database as "TOM", if i put TOM in name field parameter its getting values. if i change any of the letter small or capital, its not getting  records.

        so my requirement is to get data if i enter any type of characters in the name parameter field. (ex. tom, TOm, ToM, tOM)



    • Senthilrajan Vaithianathan

      Hi Joe,

      I just quickly tested this with a prompt that fetch data from a List of Values field and it did work,

      Create a List of value for the column against which you are trying to add this prompt, then create a prompt and associate the List of values you created for the same.

      Instead of directly entering the values on the prompt, if you click the search button as shown in the picture with different text it pulls the data with case insensitive search... I think if you try with some UPPER of functions it might work in the search page directly...