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    Angelo Cretella
    Upload to Add Roles in the Security Console
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Angelo CretellaBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Upload to Add Roles in the Security Console
    Is there an Upload tool that allows me to add roles to existing users?

    An AFDI Excel Upload tool exist to add data access but I am not aware of an upload tool that allows us to load role to users.  Does anyone know if such a tool exisits?






    • Gopinath Kartheesan

      Did you try the Role Provisioning Rule based on the users Job Title / Position etc?  That will automatically assign the role.  Other option is to use HDL spreadsheet and assign the role but it might be time consuming.  There's no FBDI spreadsheet available. 

    • Thomas Scott


      There is an Oracle Support created one (Oracle DocID 2364273.1). I attached both files in the note. One allows you to create users, which will allow you to input userid's that are different than the system generated ones (MD_Create_User), and the other is for adding roles to user accounts (MD_Add_Roles).



    • Angelo Cretella

      Thanks for all the feedback.  I wish we could auto provision roles but we do not have enough consistency in titles for that to work here.  

      I will have a look at the xml file, as that looks promising.  

      One other question, is anyone aware of an upload tool or API that allows us to add Business Unit Access to the Procurement Agent screen?


      • Thomas Scott

        Hi Angelo,

        I am not aware of an API to add BU to the procurement agents, but if they are already in the system I would try exporting/importing the data through the manage procurement agent task. Oracle Note: 2203883.1 has an example of this type of approach. It is specifically covering inventory setups, but you could apply the same concept to the procurement agents or other setups.

    • MandeepKGupta

      Hi Angelo,

      You can use HDL as well to assign roles to users. Below is a sample record:




      • Thomas Scott

        I agree, but find this approach more time consuming because you can copy more easily in Excel than if using a notepad solution used for the development of a script like you referenced. Also, the string referenced is the same as what the Excel upload creates/uses. Many times I have seen Excel utilized to generate the script you referenced. At that point, is there a major benefit outside of possibly size constraints with Excel? I know you can have a very large set in Excel with no issue. Is there a tool you have found that can generate this type of script more quickly than Excel?

    • Kishore Padala
      You can also use SCIM REST APIs to add roles to User.
      Refer below DOC : 
      Fusion Security: Using SCIM REST API (Doc ID 2346455.1)
      Secton : 7. Update Role Memberships 
    • Yasheswi Challa

      We can do it using HDL like Mandeep Mentioned. We also need to run security sync processes in case of new user account creation. 



    • Rakesh Lathiya

      try HDL. you can generate HDL script using BI Publisher report