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    John Sims
    OTBI Report: Issue Aging Analysis
    Topic posted May 24, 2017 by John Sims, tagged Fusion Project reporting, OTBI, Reports, Sample Reports 
    OTBI Report: Issue Aging Analysis
    PMOs, Project managers and stakeholders want to view their issues and due dates in a summary compressed view initially and then have the ability to drill down to take action

    This dashboard includes an issue aging summary analysis with a drill down to a more action-oriented analysis of Issue details and action.

    The Issue Aging Analysis is a summary analysis consisting of a stacked bar of issues counts broken out by Issue Type.  Clicking on any of the stacked bar sections for a given month will drill down to the Open Issues Detail report by Issue Type.   The bottom half of the Issue Aging Analysis summary analysis is a Pivot Chart.  The Pivot chart pivots on Issue Priority and Issue Type

    The drill downs reports include relevant details on the Issues and the corresponding open action items for those issues

    Benefits to using this Dashboard

    • Proactive focus on the highest priority and escalated issues, improving the chances of on time, on cost delivery.
    • Capture issue metrics to improve gating of projects
    • Managers / Governance Board / Stakeholders want to monitor the turnaround time on open issues and take corrective action with project teams

    To add this report to your environment:

    1. Save the catalog to a local folder
    2. Unarchive it to the OTBI web catalog under Shared Folders - Custom – Projects
    3. Open the dashboard called “Issue Aging Dashboard”


    Fusion Applications: +

    Subject areas used: Project Management – Project Issues Real Time

    5 minutes to copy into your environment.