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    Mohana Gopal Selvam
    How to invoke webservice using CPM
    Topic posted December 14, 2015 by Mohana Gopal SelvamSilver Crown: 22,500+ Points 
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    How to invoke webservice using CPM

    Hi Gurus,

    We have to invoke the webservice when the contact record is created/updated. Create/update may be happened via CP, External System or Agent Desktop.

    Is anyone invoking the webservice using CPM. Please share any sample code?





    • Scott Harwell


      Yes, this is a common use case for CPMs.  There are examples of using cURL through your CPM to invoke a web service.  Since CPMs can be called on CRUD events, they would appear to be the perfect mechanism for your integration.

      Of note, be sure that you are on a version that supports asynchronous CPMs.  You will call the load_curl() method in your CPM.  Then, you will construct your web service call using standard PHP cURL object / syntax, which is referenced heavily in PHP documentation (