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    Rahul Singh
    Guide To Oracle Service Cloud End-To-End Techno Functional...
    Topic posted May 13, 2017 by Rahul SinghGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Guide To Oracle Service Cloud End-To-End Techno Functional Consulatnt

    Hello All,

    I hope I'm posting my question in the correct discussion group. I'm reaching out to the oracle service cloud experts to help me with oracle service cloud end-to-end implementation guide. I did learn something about how to administrator oracle service cloud with regards to configuring different modules in oracle service cloud, however, experience in end-to-end implementation of oracle service cloud is something I'm lacking at the moment and has become a big hurdle for me in pursuing my career further in that direction. I believe industries demand more of an end-to-end implementation experience than just administration experience, but because I never got any opportunity in end-to-end oracle service cloud implementation I'm really falling behind in the race. If experts in this group can help with any knowledge share to get started with oracle service cloud end-to-end implementation that would greatly help me a lot. I'm looking forward to all your suggestions, pointers and assistance.






    • Pramod Vasudeva Murthy

      From the looks of your post is more interview friendly than of anything elsewink

      There are 4 main technical parts of OSvC:

      • Custom portal - link
      • Add-ins - link
      • SOAP Web Services - link
      • REST Web Services - link

      This is the common link.


    • Rahul Singh

      Hi Pramod,

      Well I appreciate that you took some time reading my post and shared some pointers. I have gone through some of the documents already and were finding little difficulties in connecting some pieces together. Your segregating of technical areas will definitely help me further now. I'm trying my best to learn more of oracle service cloud and hope that going forward I should gain a better knowledge in that area and should also be able to contribute in this community accordingly.



    • Danette Beal

      Thanks Pramod!!!

    • sarah john

      Hello Pramod, Thanks for the complete information about Guide To Oracle Service Cloud End-To-End Techno Functional this help me lot to learn on Oracle. Once again Thanks for sharing.