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    Antero Makinen
    Message scenario: add_activity also sends message when...
    Topic posted May 21, 2019 by Antero MakinenBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited May 21, 2019, tagged Configuration 
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    Message scenario: add_activity also sends message when moving activity


    I want to send email to certain technicians/dispatchers via OFSC Email message scenario, whenever an activity with certain conditions is created to OFSC. Also, I would like to send only one email, for example at 12:00 which includes all urgent tasks for the day. 

    What I've done so far, I have message scenario with launch condition add_activity. It sends email every time a new activity with matching conditions is created, so it is working as intended, but I have couple of issues:

    • Why does it send email when we move activity between resources/buckets? I want email only when the activity is created for the first time, not when moved
    • Can I make one collective email, which includes all activities created during the day instead of sending new email about every activity? For example: "These activities were created since yesterday + list of activities"